My “Best Digital Photography Books” The Essential Library for Serious Photographers

123 digital imaging


New Version 5 Just Released!

I FIRST received the CD version of the 123di Interactive learning suite when I bought my excellent Nikon D70 years ago (hmmmm Nikon…) and after cruising through the standard version I upgraded it to the Essential Version.

Now this awesome e-book is on Version 5 and it is better than ever. I’m in the process of writing up a full review (as of November 30th 2008) so look for more info on this one soon.

What I really love about this action oriented photography e-book is the way Vincent Bockaert, the author, incorporates well thought-out interactivity into the content. For example, you can actually see how exposure or white balance settings will change your final image. Now that’s the way to learn digital photography!

This is not a run-of-the-mill PDF, or the result of some free e-book compiler; but a very detailed, professional, and highly engaging tool to help advance photographers squeeze more creative juice out of their brains! One of THE best digital photography books ever!

I strongly recommend the 123 of Digital Imaging for all photographers – even you Pros!

Maybe I am a bit biased about this one. I wrote it! I was getting pretty let down by many of the digital photography e-books out there. Most were poorly written, hard to understand, and contained stuff that’s all over the Internet already.

In showing some of these e-books to my students, their feedback was enough to convince me that I needed to create something especially for the photographer on the edge of greatness!

You can get more info about my Surefire Success Digital Nature Photography Manual here

I came across this gem of a photography e-book quite by accident. It’s a great bargain and for the beginning digital photographer or the advanced beginner, it’s a great tool to jump start your creativity and technical know-how. Get the super digital photography guide here


More of my favorite and inspirational photography books!

the art of photoshop by Daniel Giordan The Art of Photoshop

I’ve just added this to my favorite best digital photography books bookslist. But I’ve been so immersed in it, I’ve had little time to do much of anything else but soak up the imagination in this volume.

The great thing about this photograhy book is it gives you a ton of super innovative ideas on what to do with those “plain” images of yours, and literally shows you how to use creative techniques to create fabulous digital art from them.

I don’t know about you, but I have files and CDs full of bad images, or ones that just don’t do anything for me, but with these new ides, I’ll be able to transform them into a new and provocative style of photo-art.

Spiritual Marketing by Joe Vitale is definitely not a photography book. And it’s NOT REALLY a marketing book. It’s a book about how to get what you want by working WITH the systems of Nature.


And since it’s the New Year and we are all making resolutions for things we want, why not get the information that will help you succeed. Whether it’s to be a better photographer, have your first showing, sell more prints, make more money to buy more gear, have a better relationship, lose weight – whatever – if you want it, using this formula you will get it.


It’s truly spooky how it happens. I’ve done three of the steps already and it DOES work. (read my experiences when you sign up for my free newsletter)


Get the hard copy here, or you can get it free as my thanks to you for signing up to my free newsletter.

People often ask “What are the best digital photography books?” When I begin to babble on and on, they wish they’d never brought it up!

Yes, I’m a photography book junkie! This page lists some of best books for digital photography and the nature photographer.

Even if you’re not into digital photography, these books have pages and pages of unusual shots to help you learn to see the world in new ways.

Taking photography courses, getting out in the field often, practicing new techniques, meeting with other photographers all help you make better photographs. But many times, when the weather is lousy, or I need to re-energize, I like plopping myself in my big comfy chair beside my woodstove, and curling up with a good photo book.

With a glass of nice wine at my side and my dog (the roaming Rottweiler) at my feet, my best photographic inspiration often comes from absorbing the work of others, and enjoying their photography books.

reading photography books by the fire



Here are some of my absolute favorites – they are among the best digital photography books focused on nature and outdoor photo techniques.


Freeman Patterson Books As well as being Canadian, Freeman has one of the most innovative approaches to photography. His imagination blows me away – total inspiration.

While it’s not a style that everyone will appreciate, (it tend towards the abstract)it is very unique, supremely creative and it gets my imagination working overtime. See nature as you’ve never seen it before!

These are the ones worth having on your bookshelf.

Photo Impressionism by Freeman Paterson

The Art of Seeing by Freeman Patterson


John Shaw photography booksJohn Shaw shows up on everyone’s list of best nature photography books. I like some of his photography, but a lot of it, I find, is in the realm of “the usual” landscape photography style.

And it may just be me, but I find his writing style a little “arrogant.” I mean, we all know he’s good, but when he explains things he comes across as a little TOO good for us!

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from what he has to offer. I did.

The two that have given me the most education are:

John Shaw’s Nature Photography Field Guide

John Shaw’s Focus on Nature



Digital photography has made it possible for just about everyone to take very decent nature photos. Digital point and shoot cameras, with their amazing depth of field open up the world of macro photography to anyone who owns these cameras. No additional equipment is required either – bonus! (Since the macro lens for my D70 cost a little over $500.00 Canadian!)

However, there are lots of differences between film and digital photography. To make sure you aren’t disappointed with the results of your digital photo activities, make sure you get the facts first.

I refer to these books all the time – mostly to pin-point problem areas (the ever present blown-out highlights for example) and trouble shoot bad photos. Yes, I take bad shots all the time!

In fact, in a day of shooting, I probably only have 2 or 3 real “keepers”, If I’m lucky! To help me increase my good to bad ratio, these are the books I find myself returning to time after time. I really recommend these as “must haves” for your own photography library.

I especially like the “Case Studies” features in this one:

Digital Photography Expert: Nature and Landscape Photography : The Definitive Guide for Serious Digital Photographers

Digital Nature Photography by Jonathan Cox

5) NIKON DIGITAL SLR GUIDES AND HANDBOOKS And for you NIKON DSLR, you’ll be missing a treasure chest of tricks, features and image-saving resources if you don’t read Thom Hogan’s Guides, rich in detailed Nikon secrets!